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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


This is our last project for entrepreneurship.


The name of the partnership is QASEH STEVIA ENTERPRISE. The name Qaseh Stevia is each derived from the word “Qaseh” which mean loving and caring, while “Stevia” is the name of the plant from which the raw material in the business is originated. Our core business is to sell drink based products specifically healthy drink, which contains sweet ingredients derived from stevia’s leaves. Stevia is an alternative to table sugar and it has better healthy characteristics as compared to the other types of sugar. The product that we produced is cordial syrup.

                QASEH STEVIA was formed by business partnership of six members, namely, Suriana binti Majalani, Nurfatein Afikah binti Mohd Jamadi, Rubiatul Adawiyah binti Mat Yunan, Nur Salmee binti Mohd Hassan, Nur Hidayatul Hanis binti Ismail, and Najahtulhuda binti Kamaradin. Each member has her own designation and responsibility.

                QASEH STEVIA will commence it business on 1 December 2014 after all the requirements to set up a business are fulfilled. The business partners have selected this type of business after thorough study of the main factor, which is health conscious.

This is a small scale industry of selling healthy drink, specifically healthy product which contain stevia and as an alternative to the sweetness of table sugar. The purpose of the production is to meet the demand of common people from all walks of life, especially consumers who are living in town and rural areas. The business will be sustained by ensuring consistent supply of the raw material from supplier and consistent supply of the finish product to the retailer on weekly basis.


Look like Nasyid's Group right? >.<
Hanis >> Production Manager
Sue >> Financial Manager
Najahtulhuda >> General Manager
Fatien >> Marketing Manager
Salmee >> Purchasing Manager
Ruby >> Administrative Manager
Feel nervous before presentation.

We are from Uitm Segamat, Johor ^^
Hanis and Najah.
My inspiration. Muslimah Sejati.
For the 1st time I meet both of you, I feel comfortable.
Step by step I try to improve myself.
Really miss this moment.
Your smile. Your words.
My strength. ^^
Salmee  and Fatien ^^
Sue and Fatien ^^
Sue and Salmee.
Salmee is the best student.
She always get the highest marks, 100%, 90% and above for every Test and Quiz.
Unbelievable right.
Congrats Salmee.. ^^
They work hard for this project. Thank you so much Sahabat ^^
@>> Just want to share.
@>> Thank you for your advice, cooperation and motivation.  ^^
@>> Done for the last presentation. Qaseh Stevia Enterprice. Alhamdulillah. Done Everything. Even we look like 'Nasyid's Group'. It's ok. We are different from others group. Yeah !! ^^

By : Rubiatul Adawiyah


Anizz Annisa said...

wah name qaseh tu mcm name blog anis je..hehe.. btw adik anis pon stdy kat uitm segamat.. :)comel2 belaka semua.. kirim salam kawan2 ye..

Muhammad Taufiq said...

Suka sangat baca blog awk :D saya pon ada blog, mohon singgah dan follow blog saya

Mizz Aiza (Dunia Kecil) said...

nampak ceria muka semuanya selepas tamat presentation.. semuanya comel.. :D

Nurulee said...

kakak ee dulu ambik course entrepeneurship engineering.
hehehe. wish you all the best fr yr study kak. =D

Time Traveller said...

Moga kekal persahabatan dalam satu kumpulan ni ..seronok tengok korang semua :D