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Friday, December 14, 2012

What is Love?

Assalamualaikum.. Ok.. First of all..
What is Love??

 Love is the most basic component of life. Life is Love.
You can take the IF ( uncertainty ) out of life by re-placing it with OV. OV is the Latin root for ovum, the egg. OV stands for the germ or seed of life. Therefore by superseding the skepticism, doubt and mistrust  of IF with OV, a living nucleus, you have the dynamic word LOVE.

Imagine what would happen in the corporate world if uncertainty was removed from all communication, benefits, guidelines and systems, then replaced with a growing seed of belief, trust, aspiration and respect?

Love can only be love, however, if it is an action verb. It must be something that you do, not something that is done to you.

LOVE IS GIVING - Nothing more, certainty nothing less. Some people call love a thought or a feeling. 
NOT SO! It is an action, and that action is giving in a special way. Love is not a sentimental attachment to a person. Love is a way of life, an attitude, a state of mind. Love does not come to you. Love comes from within you and you must give it out for it to exist.

A loving relationship is only possible when each person is free to live his or her own life, to set each other free and yet share without demanding. If i truly love you, then i give to you without strings. I give to you freely, not to make a change, be different or make you like me. If i truly love you, i accept you as you are. Then i can choose to associate with you  or not based on my own value system. If i attempt to change you to agree with my value system, then I am not loving.

Loving asks no return and seeks no reward. When you having it, people know you are not seeking anything from them. Their barriers go down. The more you love, the more people will gather around you who feel the same way.

When you truly, it comes from your A mind. To give love and receive love is in our deepest nature, but a lot of us have been conditioned ti think of love as something much less than it is.

Take Note :
If you're really love me, put some efforts that i can see your sincerity.

By : Cik Rubiatul Adawiyah.

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