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Friday, February 14, 2014

About LOVE

LOVE what made us human. For your knowledge, LOVE is not a possession. LOVE is about being acceptance the best for the thing we LOVE the most.

Allah. He gave us a chance, to live in the world He created, which is temporary from what He made us a promise, Paradise, which comes from His Zat, Ar Rahman Ar Rahim. We learned how to LOVE our creator.

Parents, we LOVE them because they accept us with LOVE, cause their LOVE makes us alive. From their LOVE, we learned how to LOVE a human.

Siblings, a bond already made by LOVE, which they shared the LOVE from the same parents. From their LOVE, we learned how to LOVE each other.

Friends are a bond that may be in manually or automatically made, through the LOVE. LOVE through the 1st sight is what made a friend become best friends and LOVER.

LOVER is a most difficult person to be found. When they have shown up, we're difficult to feel their presence. We learn how to let go, the hardest thing we would lose, without we knowing it.

That is LOVE. It’s not a possession. It’s the feeling of being accepted by everybody. It’s a feeling which we don't realize. It’s always been there. In our heart. HEART.

Which Allah gives us Only One? To give us a meaning that, 1 heart can make many heart to LOVE us. So, where is your heart?

Find it, and then feel the LOVE inside it. Than you will know, whether the others LOVE you or not, it’s inside your heart.

#Actually, this poem made by my classmate, FAKAZ. It's really meaningful for me.Thank you Sahabat ^_^

Publish by: Rubiatul Adawiyah


tp said...

lovely :)

fatin aziz said...

wow..nice poem..saya bab2 poem mmg tak pandai..hehehe

nabella said...

wahh pandainyaa tulis .hehe tabik lahh .btw baru follow selamat berkenalann jemput singgahh :)

Ef said...

nice :)

fakaz said...

thanks for posting back my words :)

Akeyla Azmi said...

l<3333ve ehehehe

Rubiatul Adawiyah said...