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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why me??


Why me..??

You hurt me and then you say sorry..
But you hurt me again..

You say you don't love me..
Then you show some love..
Then ignore me again..

Why me..??
You treats me just as a toy..
Which you need and when you are bored..
Then you throw me away..
You make me like a thing that you want when needed...

Why me..??

I still remember all your promises to me..
Can you remember??

# Sometimes, i'm afraid to be happy..
Because every time i'm happy, something goes wrong and hurts me..

Thank you for everything...
I hope you will be happy with her..:)
13.8.2013 (2009-2013)

By : Rubiatul Adawiyah. :)


sha (chirp chirp) said...

betul ,sekali dikhianati mmg susah nak pulihkan kepercayaan. confirm ada border line. so hargailah kepercayaan yg org beri kat kite :)

Lieya Von Jay said...

lelaki. mcm tu lah. sebaik nya cuba lupakan diri nya dan kalo dia dtg merayu nak kembali jangan terima lg sebab nanti dia akan ulang lagi semua yang dia salu buat ^_^

Rubiatul Adawiyah said...

Terima kasih blogger..
Doakan yang terbaik buat saya.. :)

thomas said...

Life is a journey,searching and seeking along the way so look for something that you like that suits you,it's all your choice,your life...your journey...

Nurul Farahizzati said...

Man should stop make any promises.. just ignore him , and the he'll know how to appreciate you..

Haikal Blank said...

kau perlu dan harus bahagia. bukan untuk dia, dia dan dia tetapi hanya untuk kau dan mereka yang menyayangi kau.

chicken_floss said...

But forgive is always the best. It shows how high our faith was. it may not be easy but everything happen for a reason and there'll always be a reason behind each obstacles..

Nur A.Z said...

Rubiatul memang suka sajak2 ni eh...